Welcome Urban Game Changers!

We are an organization incorporated in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who's sole purpose is to make space opportunities available to several retail/commercial businesses within our 8000 sqft facility to share in our commitment towards enhancing the community at large. This could include both individuals and small businesses.

Our goal is clear: to bring in products and services not previously available in the area so they can become part of an economic development movement contributing to a vibrant community.


To kick off this awesome adventure, Urban Game Changers presents The Sankofa Exchange!

Local Opportunites

We look provide Oklahoma City with new opportunities for small, privately owned businesses by the local community a place to do business that reflects the community in which these business owners live.


Potential partnerships include but are not limited to food service, retail clothing, personal care and business services. This combination of businesses will provide the ultimate dining, shopping and business services experience for the Northeast Community.


Urban Game Changers LLC
508 E Grant Ave
Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044

Phone: 1.405.655.5450
Email: urbangamechangersllc@gmail.com

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